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And Down the Aisles They Come!

Women line up for Filene's annual running of the brides



    ROCKVILLE, Md. -- They braved the rain and uncomfortable conditions all in the quest for an affordable wedding dress.

    Some brides-to-be and their handlers stood in line since 10 a.m. Thursday to partake in the Friday's annual Filene's Basement Running of the Brides in Rockville. 

    Filene's has become famous for its bridal event.  Hundreds of designer wedding gowns are sold at deep discount -- some as low at $249.  Brides and their teams of "helpers" wait in line for hours in order to be among the first into the store when the doors open at 8 a.m. 

    The crush of running women has been compared to the running of the bulls in Spain.  

    Running of the Brides in Rockville

    [DC] Running of the Brides in Rockville
    Check out the start of the Running of the Brides in Rockville, Md.
    (Published Friday, April 3, 2009)

    There were 1,400 gowns lined up on racks in a specially cordoned off section of the store.  Those racks are usually stripped bare within seconds as the mad dash for the perfect dress gets under way. 

    This is not an event for the timid, as things can get downright crazy inside the store. 

    Most brides have a strategy for their team.  One woman in line Friday morning actually put together an informational packet for her helpers -- complete with photos of the style of dress the bride is looking for. 

    Lining Up For Running of the Brides

    [DC] Lining Up For Running of the Brides
    The brides and their helpers line up for a cheap dress.
    (Published Friday, April 3, 2009)

    Seem a bit extreme?  In these tough economic times the brides say it is worth it...