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Capitol Hill Bikes: Reunited and It Feels So Good

The popular bike shop has popped back onto the scene.



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    It's just like riding a bicycle. Oh, right...

    Just in time for you to start procrastinating on a spring fitness regime, Capitol Hill Bikes (709 8th St. S.E.) recently reopened just a few doors down from its previous location. The cycling mecca, a community favorite, shut down abruptly after losing its lease in December. This meant big closing sales for those crazy enough to think about biking on ice. (More power to ya, folks!)

    In the meantime, the new spot's own and rarin' to go, and probably offers the only chance you'll have on the Hill to purchase biking gear from a girl with an awesome purple mohawk. We totally approve.

    Though there's a limited amount of merch in their new, smaller space, the shop has an extensive repair set-up in back so you can keep your equipment in good shape. Especially once it's time to bike haphazardly through crowds while yelling at the tourists infesting our fair city. Good times!

    By the way, if you're a "team player" (and that already means you're better sports than we are), their popular group rides have started up again for the season. The group leaves from the shop at 9 a.m.on Sundays for a two-hour-ish ride. It's a "no drop" ride for all levels, so you won't get left behind.