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Apres Peau, So Apropos

Inaugural souvenirs don't have to be tacky. No, really.



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law
    Barack hot sauce: Yep, Obama's already helping the economy -- with all the merchandise themed just for him. This particular item is available at Political Americana (1331 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.).

    The good news about the guys hawking Obama merch on every corner lately: If you didn't like their stuff, you only had to take two steps in either direction before you were standing in front of a new set of goods. Buttons, hats, gloves, anything with blinking lights ... Yeah.
    Sometimes when people are REALLY excited about something, the gear gets a little, well, tacky. (Arena rock T-shirts, anyone?)

    But now that the out-of-towners are heading back home, you might be wondering, "Where's MY souvenir?" Surely you need something a little classier -- and a little more fun -- than another logo'ed ski cap or "I WAS THERE" fake newspaper.

    That's where Apres Peau (1430 K St. N.W.) comes in. The sleek and chic gift shop carries gifts you'd love to give OR get, and there are just a few trinkets that you might want to snap up.

    An inaugural coaster set ($45) consists of four historic black and white photographs, including Martin Luther King Jr. facing the crowds at his "I Have a Dream" speech. The "Thinking of Barack Obama You" greeting card ($4.50) is great to send to a friend, or tuck away for history's sake. And 1960s-era D.C. trolley tokens are recycled into limited-edition cufflinks ($130) that will last forever.

    However, about those Inauguration Celebration chocolate bars ($6 or four for $20)? Yeah, they might not stick around for too long.