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7-Elevens Inundating DC Area



    7-Elevens Inundating DC Area
    It's always a good time for a Big Gulp.

    7-Elevens Inundating D.C.-Area was originally published on Housing Complex on May. 18, 2009, at 2:54 pm


    Real Estate Bisnow has an interesting tip today:

    7-Eleven plans to open approximately 30 stores in the Washington-Baltimore area in 2009, closing perhaps two to three at the same time. In 2010 it will open at least 40 stores, according to information the Dallas-based retailer provided to Bisnow.

    That’s a lot of convenience.

    Does the Washington/Baltimore-area demand more Big Gulps than other parts of the country? You’d think that 7-Eleven would be recession-proof, even possibly benefiting from the recession as consumers’ budgets slim. But the company looks to be opening a significant portion of stores here, if last year’s numbers were any indication: 170 stores total opened nationwide. There are currently 523 locations in the region, according to Bisnow.

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