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The Real World House Lands a Tenant



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    Local non-profit HealthHIV has signed a lease for the top two floors of the Real World mansion in Dupont Circle (map). The organization believes that the high-profile location offers more than office space:

    “As a non-profit, our move made sense since we have a favorable lease which allows us to repurpose materials from the ‘Real World DC’ and use the space as not only an office, but as a community center and a modest studio for taping web-based trainings,” said executive director Brian Hujdich in a statement.


    HealthHIV has 20 employees, all of whom will move into the new digs. The organization works for the prevention, care, and support of people affected by HIV.

    The fate of the Real World house has been a topic of speculation on UrbanTurf and elsewhere since MTV left it last fall. In February, the Washington Business Journal reported that the building’s brokers were looking for a restaurant tenant in the ground floor. According to the Washington Post, that remains likely.

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