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Alexandria's Old Town Theater to Stay a Theater



    Alexandria's Old Town Theater to Stay a Theater
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    Vaudeville is coming back to King Street in Alexandria, where the historic Old Town Theater is being renovated to restore it to its original 1914 appearance.

    The theater, which most recently served as a movie house mainly showing independent films, was slated to become a retail outlet earlier this year. But now it's getting a new lease on life, new owner Rob Kauffman said.

    Kauffman had pretty much written off the idea of using the building as a theater after he bought it, he said, "because there really are not many examples of a successful theater."

    But some Alexandrians were outraged.

    "There was a lot of controversy," Kauffman said.

    During the past few weeks, Kauffman has been surgically removing parts of the building to reveal the hidden history of the theater. Layer by layer, the building is telling a story.

    "This is the original billiard hall/dance hall that we have now rebuilt," Kauffman said as he walked the property. "Those windows have been covered by the rising bleacher seats for many many years. I didn't realize it was still here until we started to break it apart."

    Two giant arches were discovered at the front of the building. Then there were the cast iron steps and slate stairs, which had been covered up years ago. Workers also discovered a central staircase that had long been forgotten.

    "There's some things we can't find. We don't know what they used to be, and you can see outlines of them on the walls," Kauffman said. "But we're working with them as closely as we can with really no photographic history of this at all."

    Kauffman is working with a theater operator who is going to have daily Vaudeville performances, includingi rotating short acts that people can enjoy while eating lunch. He's also hoping to have some kind of live event every night of the week, from improv comedy to lectures and, of course, theatrical productions. 

    Walking her dog George outside the theater, Old Town resident Kim Harkin said she's very happy with what's happening at the theater.

    "It's an old historic building, and it's going to be true to its roots," she said. "And who doesn't love a good show." 

    The renovated theater is set to open by November.

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