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Affordable Housing: Snow Fort on the Hill

Cheap housing on Capitol Hill



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    Affordable 1-BR right on Capitol Hill, just $140 w/ utilities.

    Ever wanted to live near the heart of the nation's capital but didn't have the funds? This is finally your chance. All you'll need is a good blanket (or two or three), maybe an umbrella, and a love of snow.

    Check out this post on Craigslist for a one bedroom snow castle right on Capitol Hill for just $140. It's just a 10-minute walk from the Union Station and Capitol South Metro stations -- both of which were open during the blizzard.

    All utilities are included and you'll even get wireless internet. You'd even have your own doorman to greet you. Don't be offended if he comes off a little cold.

    The owners of this fortress of solitude have even saved you the trouble of making your own snowballs. A fresh pile comes with the lease.

    Availability is NOW, and the way things are looking, it doesn't seem like you'll have to worry about your home simply melting away.

    So act quickly, before the freezing rain adds an extra layer of stability to the fort and the owners decide to jack up that price.

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