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Top of the Morning: The Inside-Out Bloody Mary



    Top of the Morning: The Inside-Out Bloody Mary
    Instant Inside-Out Bloody Mary— just add vodka.

    It's a conundrum Hemingway grappled with — often. Problem: The ice in your Bloody Mary melts, watering down your hair-of-the-dog favorite. Solution: Let the ice be the drink. That is the great innovation of the Inside-Out Bloody Mary. The drink, a brunch specialty at the Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, D.C., is essentially a spicy Martini (sometimes called a Bloody Mary Martini) over ice cubes made of Bloody Mary mix and served in a rocks glass.

    For starters, you'll need a couple Tovolo Perfect Cube silicon ice cube tray, which you can find at Bowery Kitchen Supply in Chelsea Market. You'll need to mix up some Bloody Mary mix, or if you are a loser you can buy some pre-made mix, but all you need to do is mix some tomato juice, celery salt, ground pepper, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco to your liking.

    Add 2-3 oz. vodka, splash of lime, splash of lemon and dash of hot sauce into a shaker filled with regular ice cubes; shake well and strain over two or three Bloody Mary cubes in a rocks class. First rim the glass with Old Bay or Cajun seasonings for an extra kick. Blogger EllenFork, who wrangled the specific ingredients out of the Blue Duck suggests a pickled bean as garnish. You can pick up some kick-ass hot soy-wasabi brined beans from Rick's Picks, who sets up in the Union Square Green Market.

    It's a little more work than throwing some Mrs. T's in a glass and pouring Smirnoff out of a plastic jug over it, but everybody likes a fancy way to get upside-down every now and then.