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Taste of Arlington Set for Sunday

That's OK, we didn't want to fit into those pants anyway



    Taste of Arlington Set for Sunday

    Would it be in poor taste if we just wore those lobster bibs all the time? OK, probably.

    But Taste of Arlington is this Sunday, May 20 in front of the Ballston Common Mall, and we're just not sure we're going to display proper dining etiquette when faced with teeny noshes from 35 participating spots, including Jaleo, Rustico, Ted's Montana Grill and Bayou Bakery.

    Admission (noon-5 p.m.) is free, but the food fest follows a ticket-per-nomming system you're probably familiar with. At least if you've ever been to a food fest before -- and if you haven't, we are truly sorry for your sad, thin existence.

    Food samples, soda and water cost one ticket each; beer and wine require two tickets. Tickets are sold in booklets of eight, $25 online or $30 at the event. Online sales are open through Friday, May 18.

    Performances by music schools, dance companies and local band Lethal Peanut (the only thing you shouldn't eat at this fest) round out the offerings here. Oh, and there are also kids' activities to distract small, pestery kids who might otherwise try to eat your food.

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