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Tapping Into a Good, Clean Cause

Dining establishments in the District are taking part



    Tapping Into a Good, Clean Cause

    Would you prefer sparkling, bottled, or tap water to start?

    Many restaurant-goers pick the latter because it’s the cheapest. But would you be willing to pay for a glass of DC’s finest clear beverage if your dollar donation went to a good, clean water cause?

    Dining establishments in the District, from Asia Nine to Busboys and PoetsFounding Farmers, Jaleo and Zola Restaurant among others, are taking part in UNICEF’s Tap Project. Give a dollar or more for your glass of tap water, and the money flows straight to an effort “to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world,” according to UNICEF’s website.

    The Tap Project started as a trickle in New York City’s restaurants three years ago. Soon after, the floodgates opened, and thousands of restaurants across the country now embrace the charitable effort.

    Smack dab in the middle of World Water Week, UNICEF is raising “awareness of the world water crisis and vital funds to help the millions of children it impacts daily.” UNICEF reports that waterborne illnesses are currently the “highest cause of preventable childhood deaths.”

    Tap Project monies support hygiene and sanitation programs as well in more than 100 countries, including Haiti, Central African Republic, and Guatemala. In the next five years, the organization wants to improve access to safe water and sanitation by 50%.

    To find out if your favorite local restaurant is turning on the Tap Project, click here and enter your zip code. Water droplets will wet the spots where you can dine and donate.

    For most of us, a dollar is a drop in the bucket, but millions of pebbles plunked in a pond can produce a powerful splash.