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Whoops! Coffeehouse Giving Away Free Gallons of Milk

48 Gallons, 48 Cases, What's the Difference? ...Oh



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    "This is a milk crisis like none other," Pound Coffee tweeted earlier today. "The next 100 hundred people that come in and order a latte or food get a free gallon of premium milk." Yep, from grass-fed cows and everything.

    Record scratch. Wait, what? Turns out their milk delivery went a little overboard today. The Capitol Hill coffeehouse should have received 48 gallons of milk this morning. Instead, they got 48 cases -- that's 192 gallons.

    That's a lotta lattes.

    Since Pound now has more milk than they know what to do with, the shop is giving away the excess, although they might have to absorb the cost.

    Man Steals Milk in Cow Costume

    [DC] Man Steals Milk in Cow Costume
    Police in Stafford County, Va., can't figure out what prompted a man to steal 26 gallons of milk while dressed in a cow costume.
    (Published Friday, April 29, 2011)

    "We're trying to work it out [with the delivery company]," said a Pound employee. "It was a miscommunication."

    About 20 people showed up for their free leche within the first hour, having heard about the deal on Twitter. Josh Nanberg joked, "Do we have to drink it in one sitting?"

    The free milk to the masses may not last as long as 100 customers, though -- instead, it's turned out that a lot of it is going to a worthy cause. The DC Central Kitchen food bank will receive about 100 gallons.

    CapMac -- DC's macaroni and cheese truck -- will also score three or four gallons. We know that's not as worthy as a food bank, but hey, mac & cheese is pretty great.

    (And please note that we got through this entire thing without a single "Got Milk?" joke. ...Oh, wait. Never mind.)

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