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Popular UMD Bar Loses Liquor License



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    The Prince George’s County Board of License Commissioners voted unanimously to revoke the Thirsty Turtle's liquor license Wednesday night.

    Two underage University of Maryland student police aides attempted to gain entry into the bar on Sept. 23. With their real state driver's licenses in hand, the two students walked up, showed their IDs and were allowed into the bar, authorities said.

    Once inside, the students were allowed to buy beer, which was confiscated immediately by a uniformed police officer. Those same beers were used as evidence in Wednesday night's hearing, The Diamondback reported.

    Thirsty Turtle has been a staple of the downtown College Park bar scene since 2007. In its three years in existence, the Turtle has received three citations for letting underage drinkers into the bar, The Diamondback reported.

    Maryland sophomore Steve Hearne said that he has witnessed several instances where underage drinkers gained access to the bar. “They certainly had the ability to keep underage drinkers from entering,” Hearne said, “but they simply choose not to because of all the money they make [off of underage drinkers].”

    Thirsty Turtle gained media attention following an incident on Oct. 12 when four students were stabbed in a brawl on Route 1 following an altercation inside the bar. While the stabbings were enough of a concern for police, the fact that three of the students were underage led to a bigger debate.

    A hearing about the Oct. 12 incident is scheduled for Nov. 10.

    County liquor inspector John McGroarty said a meeting is also scheduled for Nov. 23 to review the decision made in Wednesday's hearing, The Gazette reported.

    According to Wednesday's decision, Thirsty Turtle must cease selling alcohol by Nov. 23.