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Overworked, Underpaid, and Not Well Fed

It's not easy eating on a Capitol Hill salary.



    Overworked, Underpaid, and Not Well Fed

    Those poor Capitol Hill staffers. It seems Mummy and Daddy's trust fund just can't make up for the food in the House cafeterias.

    How bad is it? According to Politico:

    The value meals — five bucks and change for a meal and a drink — are supposed to appeal to lower-paid Hill staffers who can’t afford to pop for more expensive lunches, such as sandwiches that go for nearly $8 a la carte. But staffers complain that there’s not enough variety in the value meals — and that the quality is less than they’d get at the same price from a fast-food chain.
    “What they charge for the food in any of the House office buildings is obscene,” said one staffer, who has resorted to making a lunch of random side dishes at $1.25 apiece. “Whenever I go to Longworth with my friends, we say, ‘Look at the lines.’ ‘Look at the prices.’ It’s like the worst throwback to your old high school cafeteria.”

    Comments like that prompted at least one Member of the House to say it's time to bring in "at least one vendor like a Subway. Five-dollar footlong, five-dollar footlong — whatever."

    We're wondering why staffers don't step out into the fresh D.C. air and pick up something from On the Fly, which offers food at the Capitol Hill smartkafe in the Results Gym on G Street SE. Or get in touch with the Fojol Brothers so they can bring the food circus by.

    Sure, PB&J every day can get old, but how easy would it be to sweeten things up with a little somethin' from Curbside Cupcakes?

    You can even track various food vendors on Twitter, which seems to have really taken off amongst your bosses. Just claim you're doing research and log on.

    It's not like you're in the middle of a busy avenue between a university and a large, historical Episcopalian church where no food carts would dare to tread. (Ahem.)