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Liberated Libations

Grab a drink and show your USA love



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    Raise your cocktail to the flag of the United States, and to the republic for which it stands ... yada yada yada, glug glug glug.

    This Thursday, show your allegiance to the stars and stripes a couple days early with Liberated Libations at The Gibson (2009 14th St. N.W.). Nothing raises the spirits and says "I love my country" more than unlimited cocktails at a faux speakeasy. Hey, even the Constitution eventually endorsed drinking! 

    While you're there, chow down on a whole roasted whole hog, grilled veggies and (natch) some good, old-fashioned American cocktails. What better way to celebrate the country's freedom from those Brits, right?

    Tickets are $75 per person (tax and gratuity included). Have a merry time, Founding Father-style -- just be sure to call (202) 232-2156 for tickets soon.

    Fellow Americans, raise your glass. We propose a toast (or two or three) to the USA. Thanks for being founded, and also for repealing Prohibition!