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Let the Cupcakes Come to You

No need to schlep to Georgetown anymore



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    In the continuing saga of "How many cupcakeries can we support in one town?" comes the cupcake mobile.

    The brainchild of two friends who wanted cupcakes one day but didn't feel like schlepping to Georgetown to get them, Curbside Cupcakes has been making the rounds for almost a week now, Best Bites Blog reports.

    What and where, you say?

    Just look for the Hubba Bubba pink-colored truck with Samuel Whitfield III, a former attorney, and Kristi Cunningham, who worked in freight forwarding. You can also track their stops via twitter.com/curbsidecupcake.

    A third partner, who is keeping anonymous for now, bakes the $3 cupcakes, which come in five flavors: classic vanilla, classic chocolate, red velvet, chocolate mocha, and chocolate frosting with vanilla cake.