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Free Water for $1



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    Between March 22-28 local restaurants will charge $1 for tap water, all proceeds will go to UNICEF's Tap Project.

    These days a buck doesn’t seem to buy much, but between March 22-28, UNICEF has partnered with hundreds of local restaurants to provide clean drinking water for children around the world for a dollar.

    Restaurants and volunteers around the country (including DC) will join together to raise awareness about the critical role water plays in a child’s survival. As part of the Tap Project, local establishments will be charging $1 for tap water that is normally free, in hopes of saving one more child. One dollar provides one child with water for forty days or forty children with water for a day.

    To find a list of participating restaurants in the DC area, check out their website. Donations can also be made online and are tax deductible.

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