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Have a Pete's Apizza Delivered

Their name is just too catchy



    Have a Pete's Apizza Delivered
    Pete's: Giving drive-thrus a run for their money since 2009.

    One of our favorite pizza joints has finally mustered up enough bravery to step out into the uncharted territory of ... pizza delivery. We wish them Godspeed.

    Pete's Apizza (1400 Irving St. N.W.) starts delivering tonight and forevermore (we hope). Columbia Heights residents can hungrily anticipate delivery from 5-10 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., and until 11 p.m. Fri.-Sat.

    But there are rules. Oh my yes, there are rules. First, there's a $25 minimum order for delivery. Second, an extra $3 fee will be added to all delivery orders. Such is city life.

    Next, the delivery area will be limited to the following rectangle:

    • 16th Street to the west
    • Upshur Street to the north
    • Georgia Avenue to New Hampshire Avenue to Sherman Avenue to the east
    • U Street to the south

    Confused? GoogleMap it -- you'll see what we're talking about. And to whomever lives in this area, we are very, very jealous of you. Even if you have to follow the rules and the fees and all that.

    Granted, Pete's hopes to soon expand to the Petworth and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods. Still not in our neck of the woods, unfortunately, but once they start delivering to the NBC offices, we'll be feeling a lot better.