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Dating Forecast: Chinatown

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    Dating Forecast: Chinatown
    Now doesn't this look more visually appealing than your La-Z-Boy and collapsible TV dinner table?

    As we know nothing makes a great date complete than a good meal -- especially since you've gotta do SOMETHING while you squirm awkwardly because Craigslist dates are inherently awkward. We're going to zero in on Chinatown this time around, because it's a great spot to grab a meal before heading out to the evening's REAL activity, whether it's shuffleboard at Rocket Bar, a game at the Verizon Center, or a movie at the Regal.

    Gordan Biersch (900 F St. N.W.), located in an old Riggs Bank, brews its own beers on location in its cavernous space -- and with so much to choose from, why not try it all? They give free samples of each beer. Taste one of the five homemade ales (Marzen, Schwarzbier, seasonal, Golden Export, and Hefeweizen). Pastas, steaks and sandwiches get a dressed-up touch here. And if you can’t wait till dinnertime, swing by from 4-6 p.m. to enjoy happy hour.
    Asia Nine (915 E St. N.W.) dishes up Asian classics inside and out. Enjoy sushi, Thai noodles, dumplings and more either inside (with the flat-screen TVs) or outside for some prime people-watching. A favorite amongst visitors is the world famous Obama roll, served with fresh fish rolled in rice with a nice lobster on the side. A full-service raw bar and extensive sake menu round out the offerings here. Their happy hour (4-7 p.m.) is serves up mini-dishes for as low as $6.
    Salad lovers, we did not forget about you -- healthy is the way to go for the summer. So if you want to chow down on some green, then Chop’t (730 7th St. N.W.) is where it’s at. Chop’t offers an array of salad sandwiches and salad (doesn’t sound great, but trust us, it is). Create your own salad, from greens and dressings to veggies and toppings.