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DC Misses Link on Best Breakfast Places

Baltimore's Papermoon Diner gets kudos for kitsch, bacon-avocado-cheese omelet



    DC Misses Link on Best Breakfast Places
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    Yes, that's mine, thank you. Now, go back and get me some French toast.

    My mouth began to water when I saw DCist 's Favorite Breakfasts

    I too LOVE breakfast.  And, unlike Mr. Morrissey, I am not ashamed to admit it.  (Let's just say it's no coincidence that one of the members of my household eats an almost-exclusive diet of French toast, pancakes, waffles and bacon.)   

    But I too was shocked -- SHOCKED -- that there was nary a DC establishment on Esquire's "The 59 Best Breakfast Places in America" list. 

    Sure, if you drive out to Maryland or Virginia, you can easily find a Waffle House, Holiday Inn Express or a Bob Evans -- all of which made the "unranked, incomplete, and unimpeachable list of the best breakfasts across the country."

    But the closest DC gets to Esquire's list is the Papermoon Diner in Baltimore.

    Uh... what's up with that? 

    Me thinks it's the "no brunch allowed" disclaimer.  After all, how could anyone pass up the morning yumminess offered at Georgia Browns on 15th Street, NW, or Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle? 

    Fortunately, you've got choices: our very own Best Bets for Brunch Buffets or DCist's list of area faves.  Now go, eat and be full.