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Crepes to Go; Life Is Complete

We love a bit of nutella in the morning!



    Crepes to Go; Life Is Complete

    Sign #3,249 that this town just keeps getting better and better: crepes to go.

    Now inhabiting the same M Street strip as Jinx Proof and Annie Creamcheese, Crepe Armour (3291 M St. N.W.) feels more like a cross between a deli with premade sandwiches and an extremely tiny late-night hookah bar. With a flat-screen tucked into a high-ceilinged corner and Beyonce on the speakers, the spot is bears little similarity with our typical go-to-crepes spot in the neighborhood, the Old World-style Cafe Bonaparte.

    But once the smell of crepes starts wafting through the air, the atmosphere sort of starts to provide itself. If you're looking to linger over brunch, this isn't your place -- you've got a whopping three tables and three barstools to choose from. But with the weather warming up, we can't argue with the idea of a quick dash-in. The crepes are more substantial than you might expect, and they'll easily hold up for a stroll to the waterfront.

    As for the food itself, yeah, the crepes are a little less delicate than you'll find at some high-falutin' locales. But since they're positively jammed full of ooey, gooey, sweet and/or savory toppings, there's gotta be some way of holding in all that goodness, right?