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Bistro Bistro B Opens in Dupont

New French resto hits the financial sweet spot



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    Did we mention there's no way in the WORLD we're cooking tonight? Yeah.

    Sounds like someone got stuck stuttering, but Bistro Bistro B opened yesterday at 1727 Connecticut Ave. NW. The Dupont Circle joint is housed in a 277-seat duplex that has recently housed a Chinese restaurant and then an Italian one. Sure, both failed, but Bistro Bistro B has faith along with its unnecessarily repetitive name.

    Browse a winelist that's long enough for vine snobs but brief enough for the ADD set, or slurp down cocktails made with goodies like vanilla vodka. But -- we will grudingly admit -- this spot isn't all about the alcohol. With dishes like crispy duck a l'orange, braised lamb shank and steamed mussels in white wine (most $20 or less), we think this bistro may have a chance as well.