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Want This: Let's Talk About the Feather



    Want This: Let's Talk About the Feather
    "liaison," seller on etsy.com
    Living in the 1920s while in YOUR 20s? It's OK, we get it.

    We've been having a pretty hot-and-heavy love affair with peacock-feather headbands for quite a few months now, but this is one flash-in-the-pan trend that's trying to stick around. Seriously, how the hell else are you ever going to get to wear feathers in public? Some of our faves are available from Etsy.com (yeah, Urban Outfitters has them for similar prices, but you'll have to wrangle with the way-too-emo skinny jeans crowd there, and we have to be in a special sorta mood for that). Check out this black-and-white headpiece with a red "recycled" leather flower ($29) or an even-bolder red feather headband with a single peacock feather for that "my hair is (mostly) on fire" look ($20). Feeling supa brave? Try a turquoise feather ankleband ($40). It's like Icarus meets Hermes -- if they were both into burlesque.

    These days, Sprint is basically shooting Compaq netbooks out of those T-shirt machine guns you see at unclassy sporting events. The Compaq Mini 110C-1040DX netbooks (tiny laptops with built-in mobile broadband) are a mere 99 cents each -- with, naturally, a two-year contract to Sprint. (Without the contract, they shoot right on up to $389.99.) You'll get 1GB of memory, a decent 10.1" screen, a built-in webcam and Windows XP. It's not only the price that's right -- it's also the size. At 2.6 pounds, this netbook merely feels like Blackberry's beefy older brother.

    Nearly three dozen (yes, we said three dozen) Calvin Klein dresses are around $60 right now, from online sample sale retailer ideeli.com. Whether you're looking for sex kitten, staid office worker or somewhere in the middle, you can sort through goodies like a black-and-white marled sweater dress ($69; was $138) with a dropped scoop neck and cuffed short sleeves, a gorgeous pair of two-toned dresses with high waists ($59-$79; were $138-$178) and any number of staple LBDs ($59-$79; were $138). Sure, you have to be a member to get into the site, but hey, at least that part is free. (Ooh, maybe you should try the code NBCWASH.) Unfortch, the cK sale is for paid members only, but for $6.99/month, we may be ready to bite the bullet and slip on the LBD of our dreams.