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Proper Topper, Happy Shopper

Here's what you should snap up during the 80%-off sale in Dupont and Georgetown.



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    There are two key phrases in play here: "designer brands," "80% off." Capiche?

    So the weather's been gorgeous lately, which probably means you're so done thinking about stuff like sweaters. But! You know it'll get cold again in, like, two days. So it's a good thing after all that Proper Topper is holding its "Gigantic Get-Ready-for-Spring Sale." (We enjoy and appreciate that they actually describe their own sale as "gigantic.")

     Anyway, you'll find up to 80% off high-end, creatively styled goodies at both the Georgetown (3213 P St. N.W.) and Dupont  (1350 Connecticut Ave. N.W.) locations. You'll find women's suits, dresses, jewelry and obviously hats -- as well as housewares and baby/toddler clothing. And hats. Obviously (did you even think about the name?), lots and lots of hats.

    Right now, Susanna Monaco jersey dresses are marked all the way down to $30. These dresses are always great to wear on a day you feel wretched and couldn't possibly put together a decent outfit. They look good on anybody (no matter how hungover). The Georgetown location has 'em in navy, dark green and burgundy right now. Poke into the back corners of the shop to find comfy, resilient long-sleeved tees by Velvet (also on sale for $30). Scads of huge, floppy cashmere sweaters will keep you warm all the way down to your knees. (And when the weather cools down again, you'll actually want that to happen.)

    Housewares include lots of Asian-inspired items, such as sushi trays and tea sets. Jewelry ranges from big, chunky cuff bracelets to delicate silver pendants customizable with charms you can select for yourself.

    Proper Topper is very much a boutique, which means you'll only ever find a couple of each item -- i.e., go soon if you're gonna go.