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Behind the Scenes of "A First Lady's Debut"

The Smithsonian gives us a rare look back



    Behind-the-Scenes Look at Gown Exhibit

    The Smithsonian takes us behind the scenes at the first lady gown exhibit. (Published Wednesday, March 17, 2010)

    The Smithsonian is sharing a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the making of their newest gallery, "A First Lady's Debut."

    Their most recent addition is the flowing, one-shoulder white gown Michelle Obama wore to the 2009 Inaugural balls.

    The gallery also includes 11 gowns worn by first ladies, including Marnie Eisenhower and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

    Obama said the exhibit showcases history in a real way.

    "When we look at the gown that Jackie Kennedy wore 50 years ago or the one that Mary Todd Lincoln wore 100 years before that, it really takes us beyond the history books and the photographs and helps us understand that history is made by real life people," said Obama.

    In total, the ongoing exhibit will feature a total of 24 dresses, portraits, White House china, and personal possessions of several first ladies.

    The gallery is part of the already popular "First Ladies at the Smithsonian" exhibit.

    First Lady Takes Center Stage at the Smithsonian

    [DC] First Lady Takes Center Stage at the Smithsonian
    Michelle Obama gives her inaugural ball gown to the Smithsonian's first ladies exhibit.
    (Published Tuesday, March 9, 2010)