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You Wanna Fight?

Baysox game turns into pillow fight



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    Who would think pillow fights existed anymore?

    Well, that's exactly what went down in Bowie, Md., Friday evening. The second annual Pillow Fight took place after the Bowie Baysox minor league baseball game. About 40 people gathered after the game; ranging from 4-year-old kids to "kids" over 50.

    Jack Irvine, from Millersville, said he came with a group of his baseball friends and had a strategy planned out before the riot began.

    “We divided up in teams, and just went at it," Irvine said. "In the end, I think I got more hits in.”

    Before the fans were allowed on the field, they had their pillows checked by Baysox staff to make sure there were no extra objects in the pillows. This was to be a fair fight, after all.

    After their pillows passed, they were then lined up into three groups; young kids, teenagers and adults.

    Organizers say this year they did not provide pillows for the fans because last year some fans took some of the pillows and left before the riot.   What do they think this is, Bed Bath & Beyond?

    But that didn’t steer fans away as they lined up along first base after the game. Nancy Elizabeth, from Michigan, didn’t let her age stop her. She didn’t disclose the exact number, but noted she was older than many of the participants on the field.

    “You know pillow fights are just fun no matter what age you are,” she said while wiping the sweat off of her face. “I got hit a lot but it was a lot of fun."

    Oh, and by the way, the Bowie Baysox defeated Trenton Seawolves 6-3. They play again Saturday night, and there will be fireworks after the game.