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What You're Doing Tonight: 6/8

Paella Fest, Wine at Vidalia or a Really Weird "Crazyface"



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    Sangria is sort of like a fruit salad, which means it's totally good for you.

    Unlike TGIF, we know you’re not happy it’s Monday, but here are some things that might make you smile.

    Begin the weekday with a paella festival at Jaleo (2250-A Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA). Down some badly needed sangria and taste free paella samples prepared by Chef Quim Marqus. 6 p.m.

    Got a taste for the finer things in life? Then Vidalia (1990 M St. NW) is where you should be tonight. Sure, there’s no free paella, but the WINE is free. After work, enjoy samples of three different types.

    Show us your best "Crazyface." No, not a facial expression -- jeez, you're so immature. We meant the play. Horror novelist Clive Barker brings his play "Crazyface: Deranged for Sure", to the Source (1835 14th St. NW). It's about a "gentle fool," a journey of self-discovery, trying to escape an inner angel, yadda yadda yadda. 8 p.m., $20.

    What are YOU doing tonight? Tell us at dctonight@nbcuni.com.