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What You're Doing Tonight: 6/15

Spirit Sprints, Boozy Bar Mitzvah and Angry Wussies



    5 Ways to Make the City Your Gym
    Poor kid. You know he's trembling in his loafers right now. And you just know his voice will crack. Man, puberty can be rough.

    Going through Capital Pride Week withdrawal? Head to everyone's favorite (gay/straight/white/black/foreign/alien -- wait, what?) sports bar, Nellie's (900 U St. NW), and race the clock tonight at their happy hour. Bottled beer and vodka rail drinks are only $1 from 5-6 p.m., with prices increasing $1 every hour until 8 p.m. Yeah, do that, because chugging drinks way before sundown is always a great idea. 5-8 p.m; $1 bottled beer and vodka rail drinks

    Join expert mixologists Adam Bernbach (Bar Pilar and Proof) and Owen Thomson (Bourbon DC) to celebrate their leap into manhood with a Bar Mitzvah-themed bash, "Benjamin Becomes a Man," at Warehouse Theater (1021 7th St NW). Whether or not anyone actually reads from the Torah is debatable, but you can guzzle plenty of coming-of-age drinks and relish in the fact that you've finally moved past those awkward, voice-changing, developing years of puberty. L'chaim! 7 p.m.; no cover, standard-priced drinks

    Some say that Mondays are perfect for head-banging and angry-as-hell rock and roll. After all, it's the beginning of the work week, rush-hour traffic this morning was brutal, and you're still bloated from the two Jumbo Slices you downed Saturday night at 3 a.m. These are all reasons to rock out to Wussy tonight at The Red & The Black (1212 H St. NE). Known for their anything-goes attitude and angry lyrics, Wussy will show you just how hypocritical their name really is. 9 p.m.; $6 cover