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Tweet Concert for North Mississippi Allstars Fans

Blues-jam band holding conference with fans at the State



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    Ian Rawn/North Mississippi Allstars

    North Mississippi Allstars fans are in for a rare tweet when the jammy blues-rock band plays the State Theatre in Falls Church, Va., Saturday night.

    The band is holding a fan conference before the music starts.

    Members of the band will take the stage at 8:30 p.m. to chat with fans and answer questions selected from those tweeted to the venue's Twitter account -- StateTheatreDC -- by noon Saturday.

    So if you want to know what life was like growing up the sons of legendary musician and producer Jim Dickinson -- the father of singer-guitarist Luther Dickinson and drummer Cody Dickinson -- Saturday's your chance.

    Did the band abandon its raw, punky, edgier sound of 12 years ago in favor of cleaner, Allmans-leaning jams after falling in love with Robert Randolph's sound or simply to attract the legions of jamfans known to stalk bands cross country in Birkenstocks and their parents' gas-guzzling SUVs, shelling out for concert after concert after concert? Maybe the Dickinson boys will reveal.

    Save your questions about Luther's playing with the Black Crowes. That's really not his band and this really isn't the place.

    After 40 minutes, the Allstars will retire backstage to let the City Champs start the show proper. The Allstars go on -- and on and on and on -- at 9:50 p.m. The band has a new album on the way, with a new recording concept from Luther. Each song was recorded acoustic, then in a '50s style and then in the Allstars' late-'60s, early-'70s style, Luther told Metromix. He plans to mash the three recordings into one. Expect the band to offer a taste of the new album.

    Oh, and those who go, tweet all about for those who can't make it.

    This is the only stop on the tour at which such a conference will be held.