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Take a Cheap Shot (Literally)

Raise your spirits at the Jameson Ball



    Take a Cheap Shot (Literally)
    This just gave us the chills. Yeah, it was a rough weekend.

    The Rock and Roll Hotel (1353 H St. NE) hosts the always-classy Jameson Ball tonight with drink specials, free swag and live music galore. How posh!

    Sip your whiskey to the beat of the U.S. Royalty, New Rock Church of Fire, and the Nouveau Riche DJs. The open (Jameson) bar runs from 8 to 10p.m.; after that, suck up $3 drink specials from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

    And if your Monday has been anything like ours, we'll see you there…at 8 p.m. sharp. Tickets are $20; 21 and over only.

    Also, don’t forget to pick up some free Jameson gear. It won't make you "that guy" in the Jameson shirt. We promise.