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SoberRide for Halloween, Sponsored by... Your Phone?

Grab a Free Ride, Just Like You're an Inebriated Celebrity or Something



    SoberRide for Halloween, Sponsored by... Your Phone?
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    This will probably not be your taxi driver.

    You may adore your fancy-pants smartphone, but as much as AT&T loves that, it turns out the company also loves your life -- and wants you to keep living it.

    AT&T is co-sponsoring SoberRide with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program this Halloween weekend.

    In case you've... uh... never, ever gone out on a holiday weekend before, here's how SoberRide works: You can call for a free cab ride (up to $30), provided you're age 21+ and in the D.C. area.

    The service is available many holiday weekends -- including this Saturday night, Oct. 29 from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

    Participating taxi companies hail from the following locations:

    • Alexandria
    • Arlington
    • District of Columbia
    • Fairfax County
    • Montgomery County
    • Loudoun County (eastern)
    • Prince George's County
    • Prince William County

    AT&T customers can call #TAXI to ask for a ride; others can dial 800-200-TAXI. There can be a long wait, so may sure you're patient or have a back-up plan... e.g., carrying cash for one of those pesky cabs that actually charge money.

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