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Snowmageddon I & II Videos Galore

"I don't predict snowstorms, women or elections."



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law
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    After all of the storm damage and alI of the power outages and all of the sweltering nights without air conditioning and ice cubes, we thought everyone could use some snow.  Or at least pictures and video of snow.  And some Pat Collins.


    Man Lives With Lots of Pets, No Power
    A generator keeps one room heated for five dogs, five parrots and a dozen exotic fish.

    Snow Presents Challenges to Firefighters
    Ambulances are getting stuck; fire departments are deploying four-wheel-drive vehicles to pull them out.

    MD Residents Snowed In; Stocking Up
    Some residents of Price George's County are angry because they haven't been plowed out after the first storm.

    VDOT Preps for Round 2
    Subcontractors for VDOT have worked 12-hour shifts for days now. Some snowplow drivers love the show, and others are ready to throw in the towel.

    "Anybody Seen A Plow?"
    "There hasn't been a plow here in... There hasn't been a plow here." One resident in Burke, Va. is literally sawing the snow out.

    Some VA Neighborhoods Still Wait for Plows
    Residents on a long, sloping street are getting to know that long, sloping street really, really well.

    Thanks for the Memories, Blizzard of 2010!
    NBC4's Pat Collins breaks out the yardstick once again; Tom Sherwood gets a free plastic bag to keep his notes dry; Elaine Reyes makes a snow sofa.

    Lights Out in Bethesda
    Some residents fled to hotels; one house dropped to 46 degrees.

    Think Blizzard Was Bad? Try Boston '78
    NBC4's Tom Kierein recalls the worst storm he's lived through: "Five Days in February."

    Blizzard Time Lapse
    Watch that Snowmageddon destroy!

    National Gallery of Art Becomes Sledding Hill
    The steps were buried under two feet of snow, so folks grabbed plastic signage and went sledding.

    7-11 for Dinner and a Hotel as Home
    The food in the fridge went bad, so now a convenience store is the only option left.

    Which Truck Is Pulling Which?
    A box truck gets truck and needs to be hauled out by a pickup. Who knew?

    Hitting the Wisconsin Ave. Slopes
    When the going gets tough, the tough get cross-country skis.

    Pat and Brenda Go for Coffee at the Exxon
    A fur hat and leggings are perfect for a trip to conduct a guest snow measurement.

    Dupont Circle Snowball Fight
    Good news, everyone! No guns at this one!

    Snow Time Lapse
    Watch the misery just pile up... literally.

    Walking to Work in a Blizzard
    An NBC employee braves the snow and sleet to make it to work. Yeah, we're pretty much like UPS.

    Sandwich Girl, Part 1 | Part 2
    She declines to give her name... but she's walking three miles to get a sandwich from Giant. Oh, and a picke.

    Close Call After Van Gets Stuck
    Two co-workers got more than they bargained for when they tried to push their van out of a ditch.

    Snowstorm Quiets D.C.
    D.C. was quieted by the snow -- except for some accidents, including three involving snowplows.

    Dangerous Conditions Keep Drivers Off Virginia Roads
    Towtruck and snowplow drivers are keeping busy in Tysons Corner.

    The Blizzard of 2010
    Check out scenes from around town... during our first snowstorm this week.

    Stocking Up for the Snowstorm
    "I don't predict snowstorms, women or elections" -- words to live by at a local grocery store.

    Good Luck Flying Out of D.C. in Storm
    Even the geese aren't having much luck.

    A Big, Snowy Wrench in Fairfax Co. Schools' Plans
    Parents brace themselves for another day shaved off April's planned spring break.

    Leave Town Now or Stay Home!
    Travel experts issued major warnings for last weekend.

    Area Gets Ready for Yet Another Snowstorm 
    Remember when snow was still sort of a novelty?