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"Real World: D.C." Ratings Released

1,9 million viewers claim they didn't watch



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    Real World DC

    Well, the numbers are in for "The Real World: D.C." and it appears close to 1.9 million people in the U.S. are pretty good liars.

    That's how many people watched the premiere episode Wednesday night, according to the Post, but you probably couldn't have guessed that Thursday morning, when all of your friends had guilty looks on their faces when they swore to you that they didn't turn it on.  Shame on all of you!

    Last season's premiere for the show in Cancun only drew 1.4 million viewers, the Post said, so there was more interest in the D.C. version.  It's still a far cry from the says when the show was pulling down 4 million viewers per episode.

    Yours truly was not one of the 1.9 million to watch Wednesday night's debut (honest!), so we went looking elsewhere for some reviews. First stop was our pal Martin Austermuhle over at DCist, who we're sure had something slipped into his milk in order to tie him down against his will for this assignment.

    Real World DC on Daily Connection

    [DC] Real World DC on Daily Connection
    "Real World DC" cast member Mike Manning stops by the Daily Connection.
    (Published Wednesday, March 9, 2011)

    What did Martin learn from watching this fine piece of American television? Well, that you can't be a racist if you like basketball, and Buca di Beppo really symbolizes all that D.C. offers in the way of dining options.

    But the best note Martin took was this:

    Tour the Rooms of "The Real World: D.C."

    [DC] Tour the Rooms of "The Real World: D.C."
    Go inside the Real World D.C. house with executive producer Jim Johnston.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 2, 2009)

    One of the filler shots of the city's landscape was of the World War II Memorial, where the camera focused in on one of the many granite pillars that are dedicated to the individual states and territories that sent citizens to battle. But instead of choosing "Washington, D.C.", they seemed to have chosen "Washington." As in state. Oh well.

    That was fun. That was great.

    Behind the Scenes at the "Real World" House

    [DC] Behind the Scenes at the "Real World" House
    A tour of the Dupont Circle house the Washington cast of "The Real World" called home.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 6, 2009)

    What did the Twitterverse have to say about it?

    • @JoshyDC: I believe the #RWDC has scarred my brain permanently
    • @mikesica: SPOILER ALERT: By season's end the #rwdc cast will consider themselves DC veterans despite having never lived in the basement of a rowhouse.
    • @mckennamiller: #rwdc Dear Ashley, you're cute but Leggings are not pants!

    No idea what that last one means, but gosh darnit we agree!

    So what did we learn from all of this? The cast and crew has no idea where they really are, the cast is scared to venture outside of chain restaurants, something about basketball, and leggings aren't pants.

    If that doesn't get you excited for episode two, what will?