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Gasp! A Peep(s) Show on Easter Sunday

Yep, that sounds totally appropriate.



    Gasp! A Peep(s) Show on Easter Sunday
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    Brace yourself against the impending candy coma of spring, 'cause National Harbor's Peeps & Co. store is hosting an Easter Sunday art show... and yep, all the art will be made out of Peeps: the pillowy glops of sugar-slathered marshmallows crafted to look like hot-pink limbless bunnies or pointy-beaked chicks.

    The show will be outdoors Sunday, April 4 from noon to 6 p.m. -- we just hope it's not too sunny. Seeing rows of bright yellow chicks ending up skeletonized by aggressive melting would just taint the magic of it all.

    Peeps artist David Ottogalli will display his works to sell for $18 to $250 apiece. (An aside: How does one become a Peeps artist? Is this a specialty at some liberal arts colleges? Bonus: Failing students can eat their mistakes. )

    The D.C. area is especially worthy to receive the dual honors of the peeps store itself (which opened in December) and its accompanying art show. After all, the Washington Post's annual Peeps Diorama Contest is pretty much a sport 'round these parts... at least for people who enjoy crafting dioramas, anyway.

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