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Looking for a Killer Honeymoon? Try Space

Local company to offer trips to space



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    File Photo: The Crew Of Apollo 17 Took This Photograph Of Earth In December 1972 While The Spacecraft Was Traveling Between The Earth And The Moon. The Orange-Red Deserts Of Africa And Saudi Arabia Stand In Stark Contrast To The Deep Blue Of The Oceans And The White Of Both Clouds And Snow-Covered Antarctica. (Photo By Nasa/Getty Images)

    You can fly pretty much anywhere on Earth from Dulles, but one Virginia company will soon help you fly somewhere off the planet.

    Vienna-based Space Adventures is looking to sell three seats on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft, which is bound for the International Space Station in two years. The trip will last about 10 days.

    There’s no word on how much it’ll cost you. But we can promise you one thing: your vacation will make your friend’s African safari trip seem like nothing!

    Space Adventures first launched a private citizen into space a decade ago. It’s arranged seven additional missions since that initial trip.

    "Cumulatively, our clients have spent almost three months in space, traveling over 36 million miles, and have been true ambassadors in sharing their experience and explaining to millions of people around the world why it's important to explore space," said Space Adventures Chairman Eric Anderson.