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Learning at the Movies? WHAT?!

Break out the popcorn, 'cause it's time for Silverdocs.



    Learning at the Movies? WHAT?!
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    Give a platform to Oliver Stone (right) and there's no telling what's coming out of his mouth. Not attending Silverdocs: Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (left). Go figure.

    Hollywood has returned to Washington... well, sort of. Silverdocs kicks off on June 21 at the AFI Silver Theater (8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring.).

    Last year Kobe Bryant showed up on opening night, so there's no telling what will happen this year. With 102 films representing 54 countries and a retrospective series, the eighth annual documentary film fest offers single tickets and big-spender packages.

     First to hit the silver screen is "Freakonomics," based on the bestselling book of the same title. Some other films to look out for include "An Inconvenient Truth" filmmaker Davis Guggenheim's "Waiting for "Superman," examining No Child Left Behind and the state of education today; and "War Don Don" as part of the "Peacebuilding on Screen" series.

    Rock fans will want to catch "Stones in Exile," which chronicles the creation of the Rolling Stones' double album "Exile on Mainstreet." 

    This year's series is not without glitz -- Oliver Stone's provoking "South of the Border," about the "mainstream media's misrepresenation of seven South American leaders," is screening. Starry-eyed film geeks, stay tuned to hear the man himself discuss his film at the post-screening panel. 

    Silverdocs runs through June 27. Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show. See the full schedule here.