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Incoming Art in the Obama White House



    Incoming Art in the Obama White House
    This image provided by the Smithsonian Institution's National Gallery of Art shows American artist George Catlin's painting, Catlin and Indian Attacking Buffalo, 1861/1869, oil on card mounted on paperboard. The work is on loan from the gallery to the White House of President Barack Obama, where it is currently on display. (AP Photo/Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art)

    Art and artifacts loaned to the White House since President Barack Obama came to office:

    • Displayed in the Obamas' personal living quarters:

    From the National Gallery of Art:

    George Catlin's "A Crow Chief at His Toilette," "Camanchees Lancing a Buffalo Bull," "Mired Buffalo and Wolves," "Cheyenne
    Village," "Grizzly Bears Attacking Buffalo," "Game of the Arrow-Mandan," "A Foot War Party in Council-Mandan," "Ball-Play
    Dance-Choctaw," "Buffalo Chase, with Accidents," "Catlin and Indian Attacking Buffalo," "K'nisteneux Indians Attacking Two
    Grizzly Bears."

    Edward Corbett's "Washington, D.C. November 1963 III."

    Richard Diebenkorn's "Berkeley, No. 52."

    Sam Francis's "White Line."

    Winslow Homer's "Sunset."

    Jasper Johns' "Numerals, 0 through 9."

    Giorgio Morandi, two paintings called "Still Life."

    Louise Nevelson's model for "Sky Covenant" sculpture.

    Susan Rothenberg's "Butterfly."

    Mark Rothko's "Red Band."

    Edward Ruscha's "I Think I'll . . . "

    Leon Polk Smith's "Stretch of Black III."

    Unknown artist: "Chief Jumper of the Seminoles."

    From the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden:

    Josef Albers' "Homage to the Square: Elected II," "Homage to the Square: Midday," "Study for Homage to the Square: Nacre."

    Edgar Degas' "Dancer Putting on Stocking," "The Bow."

    Nicolas De Stael's "Nice."

    Glenn Ligon's "Black Like Me No. 2."

    Alma Thomas' "Sky Light."

    From the Smithsonian American Art Museum:

    William H. Johnson's "Booker T. Washington Legend," "Children Dance," "Flower to Teacher," "Folk Family."

    • On display in the West Wing:

    In the Oval Office from the Museum of the American Indian:

    Vase by Lucy M. Lewis (Acoma Pueblo), jar by Steve S. (Iroquois), jar by Maria Poveka Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo), the bottle "Intertwining Scrolls" by Jeri Redcorn (Caddo).

    In the Oval Office from the National Museum of American History:

    Samuel F. B. Morse's 1849 telegraph register patent model, John A. Peer's 1874 gear-cutting machine patent model, Henry Williams' 1877
    feathering paddle-wheel (for steamboats) patent model.

    In the Cabinet Room from the Harry S. Truman Library, Frank O. Salisbury's "President Harry S. Truman."

    • On display in the East Wing:

    Alma Thomas' "Watusi (Hard Edge)" from the Hirshhorn.

    (Sources: White House, galleries and museums.)