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If You Like Your Steak (Fake) Bloody



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law

    A long lost tradition is back from the dead Sunday.

    If you can get to Richmond, head to the Bike Lot (512 E. 8th St.) for the GWAR-B-Que. It’s been too hot for charcoal this summer, and this fest will be even hotter. Basically, ever incarnation or off-shoot of the legendary metal band will take the stage from noon to 11 p.m. for a performance unlike any other.

    Everyone knows the costumes before the band, but few realize the dozens of musicians, performers and slaves that have donned the latex to make GWAR performances the most forward-thinking performance art in rock music. Don’t just look at the blood, alien semen and decapitations -- there’s always been a smart message behind the madness, and pretty much everyone who has ever taken part will be in Richmond for the largest such display ever -- in GWAR side projects, bands inspired by GWAR or in RAWG, GWAR unmasked. Hey, it's outdoors and it's really hot.

    You laughed at them on “Beavis and Butthead” and “Empire Records” and “Dream Date,” but it’s not just a freakshow. GWAR has always made very good heavy metal, which gets overlooked by their even-better stage shows, spectacles that have advanced rock performance even more than the porn industry has advanced website technology.

    Plus, you can chase your own GWAR dreams in the singing contest American A-Hole.

    Can’t get to Richmond? Check out the stream here: http://www.gwar.tv/.

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