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Give Your Stuff Away Day



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    Jonnie England

    If things go as planned, tons of household goods will line neighborhood streets all across the nation on Saturday.

    Don’t worry. The trash haulers are not on strike. It’s Give Your Stuff Away Day.
    The concept is pretty simple. Most people own valuable stuff they just don’t want or need anymore. But instead of getting rid of it, we stick it in the corner of the basement or in a closet. Clutter is born.
    During Give Your Stuff Away Day, folks are supposed to put unwanted items on the curb so other people can help themselves to it.   Who knows? Take a walk and you may find something you can use in front of someone else’s home.
    The organizer of the event, Mike Morone, said it “could eventually help millions, while diminishing landfills, reducing clutter, saving municipalities money and boosting the economy.”
    There are a few rules.
    • No food, drugs, chemicals or weapons allowed.
    • No trash or recyclables, only items that others could really use.
    • Retrieve items not picked up within a couple of days.
    Now this is not a government-run program, and Morone admits that most municipalities won’t like it. However, he believes governments will be supportive when they understand how beneficial it can be.