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Giant Dome Makes Connections in Union Station



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    You can't miss it. But what is it? No, the aliens haven't landed in Washington. And it's not an igloo.

    That giant dome sitting in the middle of Union Station is actually an arena where people can marvel at the joys of wireless connection. Step inside the Wireless Freedom Dome, the biggest structure ever built inside Union Station, and you can text and send photos that will appear on the walls of the dome in a matter of seconds.

    CTIA, a wireless telecommunications organization, said the dome offers a 50-foot, 360-degree interactive experience which demonstrates the freedom wireless devices provide every day. There are 286 million wireless subscribers in the U.S.

    Each day, 2,000 people are entering the dome to see their messages and pictures displayed above their heads. And it has become somewhat of a social scene -- strangers making connections, friends reconnecting, there was even a marriage proposal inside the dome yesterday. (She said yes.)

    If want to see the dome in person, you have to hurry. It's only up until Friday afternoon.

    Text messages should be sent to 70491 and photos to Message and data rates may apply. You can text "STOP" to end your participation.

    But think before you send. Your message and photos are on display for everyone to see.

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