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Fenty Gives Thumbs-Up for "Traffic Cam"

Mayor poses in Smart car



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    Kimberly Miller
    Mayor Adrian Fenty loves D.C. traffic.

    This may be a first for District Mayor Adrian Fenty: a photo op and interview in the middle of a traffic jam.

    Kimberly Miller relayed the following story to NBCWashington.com about her run-in with the mayor, who was trying like everyone else to fight the traffic Tuesday on Constitution Avenue.

    An accident on the 14th Street Bridge was apparently snarling traffic, keeping Kimberly and her coworker from getting to work. While in traffic, they noticed a black Smart car to their right with someone who looked familiar inside.

    "It was actually my coworker who noticed him and waved," Kimberly said. "She yelled, 'Hi Mayor!' and he waved. So I thought I could show my boss and make him laugh."

    Kimberly grabbed her cell phone cam and took a picture of the mayor. At the same time, her coworker, Melissa Peckhaus, decided to do a little impromptu interview on Constitution Avenue.

    "She asked him what he's doing about the traffic," Kimberly said. "He responded with, 'I take this as a good sign, a lot of people are on their way in to their job.' And as a true American, she responded with, 'We hope to have ours by the time we get in.' I thought I was going to kill her. But a very good point."

    It was around this time that Kimberly checked out her camera. The pic she took wasn't very good.

    Never fear, Mayor Fenty to the rescue...

    "He pulled up next to me and said, 'Did it turn out?'" Kimberly recalled. She told him, unfortunately, no, it wasn't good.

    "He immediately posed with his thumb in the air, and it made me laugh," Kimberly said.

    So she snapped another pic. This time: perfection. And proof that even the mayor gets caught up in D.C.'s gridlock.

    "It was nice to see that I wasn't the only one running late for work in the city," Kimberly said, "and that he also has to deal with the traffic."