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Dog Whisperer Ditches DC

He says it's due to charity events



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    Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and Cobar

    Pssst, Dog Whisperer fans... Think Cesar Millan will be in DC today? Think again.

    Cesar's diehard fans probably heard the news weeks ago, but for anyone who hasn't, his show at the Patriot Center was cancelled "due to Cesar’s commitments to charity events."

    But don't despair, says The Washington Examiner. You can get "better, more positive" doggie behavior advice -- and for free, no less -- locally.

    You'll just have to sit and stay a few months.

    Dr. Kathryn Meyer, VMD, is holding a "Dominance in Dog Training -- an outdated and dangerous approach" workshop at the Potomac Community Center on February 20th from 2-4 p.m. Meyer may not be The Dog Whisperer, but she is "a well-known veterinary behaviorist," according to the Examiner.