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Did Your Facebook Message Go To WSJ?



    Did Your Facebook Message Go To WSJ?
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    Facebook experiences a glitch that sent hundreds of private messages to the wrong user.

    The message you sent on Facebook to X, Y or Z, might have gone to W – as in the Wall Street Journal.

    There was a glitch in the social matrix this week and a WSJ.com editor received hundreds of personal messages, ranging from blah blah blah to an x-rated convo.

    Zach Seward shared the Facebook inbox mishap with his employer, WSJ.com’s blog, Digits. He said after he received the 100 messages, he was not able to access his Facebook account. Facebook deleted almost all of the messages. But Seward has his Facebook messages forwarded to another e-mail account, where he still has copies of all of them.

    Facebook didn't e-mail Seward directly, but they did respond to Digits.

    During our regular code push yesterday evening, a bug caused some misrouting to a small number of users for a short period of time. Our engineers diagnosed the problem moments after it began and are working to get everything back in its rightful place. While they fix the issue, affected users will not be able to access the site.”

    Facebook is investigating the glitch. On their Web site, it says, “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” Maybe they should add “and sometimes with randoms.”