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D.C. the 10th Best City to Find a Date

Higher percentage of single women than single men in D.C., survey finds



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    For Washingtonians looking for love in the New Year -- turns out – they don't have to look too far.

    The Daily Beast website released its list of the "Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012," and D.C. made the Top 10:

    1. Atlanta, GA
    2. Gainesville, FL
    3. Lincoln, NE
    4. Austin, TX
    5. Minneapolis, MN
    6. Seattle, WA
    7. Madison, WI
    8. San Francisco, CA
    9. Ann Arbor, MI
    10. Washington, DC

    Alexandria, Va., was 21st. No cities in Maryland made the list.

    To rank the cities, the Daily Beast considered three things: the available number of singles, the cost of dating, and the mental and physical health of each city.

    According to that data, D.C. has 69 percent single men and 74 percent single women. (So there are still more single women than single men.) Also, the median salary is nearly $52,000 and the average cost of a movie ticket is $11.03.