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Cheating Hubby With Sign: Yep, a Hoax

We sorta wanted it to be true. Sad face!



    Cheating Hubby With Sign: Yep, a Hoax
    Aaron Schwartz
    So ... what do you think his punishment would have been for a second offense?

    So did we call this one, or what?

    In last week's article "Scorned Wife Exacts Revenge on Hubby, Entertains Us," we said -- and we quote:

    We haven't quite decided if this is a publicity stunt for some wacky YouTube channel or a ratings-driver for a morning radio station.

    Turns out,  it was the latter.

    A DJ on a radio station we decline to mention -- but his name is included in the title of what's regarded as the best movie of all time -- admitted that they created the story to see how much media attention it could garner, reported At the time, the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy was dominating media coverage.

    The story gained attention last Wednesday morning, when a man wearing a sign that said, "I CHEATED. THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT" stood for several hours at an intersection in Tysons Corner, Va.

    He identified himself as William Taylor of Centreville, Va. and told passersby that his wife had discovered evidence of cheating on his cell phone.

    OK, not so much.