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Bocce Season Ramps Up for Ex-Kickballers

If you're Italian, you've already played this with your grandpa when he was supposed to be mowing the lawn.



    Bocce Season Ramps Up for Ex-Kickballers
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    Purple platforms optional, but they DO help.

    D.C.'s after-work bocce ball leagues are moving from the blinding light/heat combo of steamy District summers into the cool, dank Pour House and American Legion. Finally, there's a sport moving in the direction of the positive! (Just don't talk to us right now, Redskins.)

    Here's the deal on indoor bocce, according to a sassy, sassy Yelp posting:

    Games will will be played Wednesday nights on courts framed with 2x4s and artificial turf. We'll be using light weight bocce balls so no harm will come to the premises or the players next to you. Since we'll be playing inside, we'll never have daylight or weather issues. And you can play and drink at the same time without fear of the park police!

    OK, seriously, fearing the park police had to have been at least half the fun, but we're willing to go along with this since it means no fear of hyperthermia for once.

    Need a refresher (or, um, a first-time-fresher) on how the game is played? Here goes. Teams consist of four players at a time, who play with four small, heavy balls (or, they used to be heavy when people were playing outside). The first player tosses a smaller ball, called a pallina or pallino, down a lane, and then other players throw the larger bocce balls as close to the pallina as possible. The team who gets the closet scores points for that round (one point for each ball that's closer to the opponents' balls). The teams play to 16 points.

    We think the game is simple so that players won't get confused as total beer consumption increases.

    We approve.

    Um, anyway, fall registration starts today, so gird your livers. Teams must have a minimum of four players and a maximum of six, so get your frenemies together. Games are Wednesday nights for five weeks, followed by three of playoffs. Go here for more info.