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Blossoms Bring Bottlenecking to Basin

Crowds line up to catch glimpse of pink and white blooms



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    Crowds of people vying to catch of glimpse of Washington’s famous cherry blossoms caused bottlenecking along Ohio Drive Friday. 

    Though as the sun set over the Tidal Basin Friday, the enthusiasm didn’t dim one bit.

    "I'm 74 years old and [the cherry blossoms] made me walk for three days because I don’t get tired of looking at them -- they are wonderful," said a tourist from California.

    Tens of thousands of cherry blossom fans agree.

    Bottlenecking for Blossom Viewing

    [DC] Bottlenecking for Blossom Viewing
    Crowds of people vying to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms caused bottlenecking along Ohio Drive Friday.
    (Published Saturday, April 3, 2010)

    One woman in Washington for the first time compared the blanket of blooms to a blanket of snow. "It is like a winter wonderland," said Clarissa Hall, who's from Texas. "I saw the cherry blossom blooms flowing as if they were in the snow; it was really very beautiful."

    The peak days to see the blooms will last through Wednesday, April 7. The timing couldn’t be better for tourists and locals alike. The beautiful weather embracing the Washington area and a long holiday weekend make for bigger-than-normal crowds.

    And with the crowds come long lines of cars. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper along Ohio Drive Friday night. It’s only expected to get worse through the weekend.

    Crowds will also be headed out to Nationals Park, not far from the Tidal Basin, on Saturday afternoon. The Nats are set to hold a much-anticipated exhibition game.

    All the hectic congestion didn’t seem to bother most who came out to view the cherry blossoms Friday night. The beauty of the blooms on the mild spring night seem to make it all worth while.