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Adept or Inept: Male Cheerleading



    Adept or Inept: Male Cheerleading

    Welcome to the initial episode of Adept or Inept, created by students at American University. In this edition, our guest tries his hand at cheerleading. Does he succeed? (Published Monday, Feb. 14, 2011)

    Welcome to adept or inept, where we ask average people to perform jobs or skills outside their normal comfort zone for everyone's entertainment.

    This project, in conjunction with American University, lets you, our valued viewers, then decide whether the Average Joe (or Jane) is up to the task at hand.

    Our first episode features male cheerleading -- a crucial component of many sporting events, but one that is often overlooked.

    Can our rookie handle the tumbling, tossing and other skills necessary to be a quality male cheerleader? Or will he fail miserably for all of D.C. to see? You decide.

    Watch the video above, and then register your vote on this page.