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A New Way to Fly



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    You won’t have to travel south to Costa Rica or across the Atlantic to the Dolomites in Italy to go zipping through the air across a canopy of treetops this summer.

    Now you can experience the breathless exhilaration of  flying at 50 feet without a parachute just up the road in McHenry, Md. It’s a brand new way to fly over the moguls at Wisp. All you have to do is strap on a harness instead of a couple of skis.

    The Wisp Ski Resort has just announced its new Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour. It’s a zip line tour over treetops and across rope and plank bridges.

    Other than the harness, there’s just one hitch — you have to be 10 or older to take the $39 trip. You’ll be able to choose from five cable routes that run anywhere from 180 to 400 feet long. You decide how long you want your flight to last.