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Common Inspires History Makers Of Tomorrow at Howard University

Rapper visits Howard on Monday



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    It was a reflection on the past and a look towards the future as hip-hop artist Commonvisited Howard University Monday night.

    "This is really about inspiring people to go out and achieve their dreams," he said. "And really creating history for yourselves by finding what you're passionate about."

    Common was in town for the 28 Days Speaker Series, sponsored by AT&T. The event encourages individuals to not only honor the past, but to leave their own legacy.

    Digital lifestlyle expert Mario Armstrong was the featured speaker at the event, and offered three tips for success.

    "Understand exactly what your passion really is," said Armstrong.

    He also encouraged listeners to figure out how to technology to help maximize opportunities in that passion, and to remove negativity and "dream killers" from their lives.

    "The future rock stars are innovators," Armstrong added. "Being a technology innovator and being a future problem solver, that's what I'm trying to show and trying to convey. That ownership, intellectual property, innovation equals celebrity."

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