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We're #1! (So We Hope)

The reigning champions look to keep their cup



    We're #1! (So We Hope)
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    Someone please tell those nimrods in the upper-right that their flag is upside down.

    Feeling a little patriotic jetlag after this past weekend's celebrations?

    Well, this Wednesday, whip out ye olde American flag once again, fashion it into a cape and head to the RFK Stadium (2400 E. Capitol St. N.E.) to cheer the U.S. team onto victory.

    The CONCACAF Gold Cup rolls into town this week with a double-header Wednesday night. Haiti and Grenada face off in the early game at 7 p.m., and then Honduras and the U.S. will battle it out at 9 p.m.

    The biannual tournament pits soccer teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean (hence the long acronym -- don't ask us to pronounce it) in a bracketed competition to find out exactly which country has the best soccer team. C'mon, we NEED to assign bragging rights in the Western hemisphere.

    After winning the previous Gold Cup and coming off a strong performance in the Confederations Cup, the United States looks like the strongest contender. However, feisty Honduras hopes to divert attention from their current political problems with an upset over the favored team.

    But hey, we won't just let anyone beat us, right? We're the United States of America, after all, and we've got the greatest stuff like, like ... drive-thru restaurants, cheerleader carwashes and double cheeseburgers. Mmm, cheeseburgers.